Monday, December 27, 2010

Assalamualaikum and happy greetings! ;)

well, just now i read (terbaca sebenarnya) on a friend of mine's status. it sound something like this :

"susahnya nak cari perempuan MELAYU skrg nie".

sorry bro, but actualy it's kind of funny and i kinda laugh. hahahaha :D (nak marah sikit boleh? *gnti pkataan maki hamun, takot nnti dikata xmelayu pulak)

before i let my 'anger' out, 1st of all i'd like to refresh about "perempuan Melayu".

back on those older days, the Malay ladies are full with gentleness, polite, soft, filled with culture and of course, customs.

they can't sing while cooking (Malay ladies), because they're afraid of getting an old husband.
they are taught to respect the elders, and most importantly, themselves.

okay, i'm just not going to mumble about 1h4w you respect yourself. back to the friend's statement about finding a Malay lady nowadays is said to be hard. well i'll give him my opinions.

"looking for a Malay MAN nowadays are too, hard"

Malay men, back on those years are taught to respect women. no matter how old she is.

so, back on what actually i am mad about,

boys these days, im not sure if they are fit enough to own a perfect, truly ever Malay girl (ala2 prempuan mlayu terakhir tu) because they don't even respect women.

kalau anda pernah menonton pornografi, xkira gambar, majalah, vdeo dsb, tnyalah kpd dri anda sndri, layakkah anda mmiliki seorang gadis yg benar2 Melayu mcm zmn dulu2 sbb anda sndri pun tidak mghormati wanita sperti lelaki Melayu dulu2.

these days, girls are for sex, money, victims -self satisfaction.

mereka adalah simbol seks di mata anda wahai lelaki bermata biru.

im not going to type more,
but do ask yourself,

layakkah anda memiliki seorang prempuan Melayu ?

cukup 'lelakikah' anda utk itu?