Sunday, December 19, 2010

Complete each other's emptiness, lovers!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hello and happy greetings from me! ;))

Well, i'm kinda inspired by the picture actually. ;) they looked both happy and enjoying their precious moments. Talking about love, huh? Kind of subjective topic but i'm gonna put you into my views.

I've seen my friends, many of them, meet, date, love, conflicts, fights and hush, clash. And of course, mine as well.

I might looked quiet all the time (almost) especially when i'm around campus. But actually, im observing. I watched how people (specifications towards teenagers) fall in love, and how love drag themselves down.

Love should bring peace amongst people. But love, somehow is dangerous.

I saw some important elements: trust,
responsibilities, understanding and patience. Of course there's more, but these are the things that i had in mind as "things u should consider about".

Easier to say than being done. Most of these fine couples met the end because they're lack of them. In the beginning, you thought the he's/she's the one for u, perfect, undeniable, your soul mate.

A man and a woman are made to complete each other. A guy should complete a lady's life, and a girl should complete a boy's life. Yes, COMPLETE.

How to complete your soul mate? It is by ACCEPTING his/her WEAKNESSES.

TRUST your lover, and try to UNDERSTAND.

It's harder to read a girl's mind rather than to read the boy's. A girl's mind is full of complexity, perfection, care, loves.. It often got easily 'dried up' and her partner needs to put more attention toward it (I don't know if the girls' minds got dried up easily because they cried a lot). The theory is like a pot with flowers. Once you got the flowers, you need to take care of it, by feeding it. You water it. Well, girls are not flowers. They're human. So, how?


Like flowers, you don't water them too much. You don't water them only once a week. They'll suffer. They'll die slowly, and you do not know. Because they won't speak. Until one morning you woke up and found the flowers dead.

As for girl, you don't give too much attention to her. Not to make her feel like she's under your control. Remember, even if she's your girlfriend, you do not have any rights on her. Yet.

Feed her with your attention. Not too much, and don't lack. Because your girl won't speak. And one day, their heart died and only by then you realized that you had lost something that you had never taken care of preciously.

*i somehow believe this should be done to boys too.

If you think that he/she is your soul mate, accept them for what they are. Two souls are the key and the lock. You complete the incomplete part of him/her.

Understand each other. Like, tell him if you are not in a good mood (girls always had the swaying moods). Tell her if you don't like the way she treats you (not over the limit, of course).

Discuss. Many had misunderstood between "discuss" and "complains".
Discuss involves two parties and complains means only one party gains the power and the other is the "victim".

Trust each other. Have some sort of "being responsible to each other" in mind. Be realistic.

Most important, BE ADULTS. Use your given brain to think. Use your heart to feel, to sense the most beautiful, and the most ridicule things about your partner. Seek for their weaknesses, read the mind, language, terms used.

You wanted him/her. So make the best out of it. Always remember who you are. Religion thoughts and culture beliefs.

Create better relationship with them. You're the one who chose them. Try out all sort of efforts to make it works.

;) B, lets grow older and gray together. Love u. ;)

"I'll follow you and make a heaven out of hell, and I'll die by your hand which I love so well
." -Willam Shakespeare.


  1. wah panjangnya ceramah.. aku igt kn short story td.. tp x pala.. aku baca juga..